Seestern Düsseldorf – more than business

Welcome to Düsseldorf's Seestern district. With more than 30 highly equipped properties and a gross floor area of 520,000sqm, it provides an exceptional work-life balance and is situated in a prime location with excellent transport links.  Since time immemorial, the Lörick district on the left bank of the Rhine has been one of the most popular business quarters in North Rhine-Westphalia's capital city. By "more than business" we mean that the quality of office space is crucial, but so is the quality of the overall environment and of the working atmosphere - and these are enhanced by a variety of factors that include restaurants, shops, leisure facilities and other services. The area, which covers 99 acres, gets its name from the star-shape created by the crossing of arterial roads and the 'Am Seestern' street that was named after this crossing. The district includes the area between Lütticher Strasse and Brüsseler Strasse right up to the Vodafone Campus, the area north of Hansaallee, and the terrain south of Hansaallee between Prinzenallee/Brüsseler Strasse and Heerdter Lohweg as well as the buildings on Am Albertussee.


High-profile tenants

Every day, nearly 15,000 people go to work in the Seestern district. The area has always attracted a wide range of prestigious and internationally active companies. It has close links with the cream of the ICT industry - Avaya, Ericsson, Versatel and Toshiba are just a few examples of the businesses that have offices here. Traditionally, Japanese companies like NEC, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Pharma and the Nippon Steel Corporation have been strongly represented here. In recent times, these have been joined by an increasing number of Chinese businesses like Huawei and ZTE who have relocated their European and/or German headquarters to Seestern. One of the most high-profile local representatives is of course Vodafone whose construction of the new Campus in the western part of the area represents a long-term commitment to both Düsseldorf and this particular location.

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Einfach mal die Perspektive wechseln!

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Modern, leistungsfähig und zukunftssicher!
Wir stellen den beliebten Seestern Concierge-Service aktuell auf ein topmodernes Online-System um, das Maßstäbe setzen wird.
Unternehmen und Mitarbeiter profitieren ab Anfang 2018 von einem innovativen Angebot, das Ihnen nur ein vernetzter Business-Standort, wie der Seestern bieten kann.